May 30, 2012

Janna's Garden


This is my first official blog post.  Forgive me if my words are not savvy.  Whenever I read others blogs I find myself thinking "Their words even look pretty!" 


I've started my first solo garden.  I remember growing up, my Mama always had a HUGE garden. seriously, I bet her largest garden had to be 60 x 100 feet. I've been wanting to do a garden ever since Bradley and I got married.  Unfortunately, we were never in a place conducive to having one. 

So, one day my knight in shining armor asked our landlords if I could plant a garden and they said YES! In my mind I thought to myself, "just a little one, like 5 x 8 or something like that."  I guess I got a little carried away.

This has been a little tough to do since I'm not used to Pennsylvania soil, have to nurse a baby every few hours, it's been raining, and I had no idea how many types of cucumber and tomato plants there are to choose from.  

After coming home with WAY too many plants, I finally got the garden finished.   

~ Janna

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